And additionally, possibly really controversially now, are sex, sex, sexuality, we could actually render a talk about pre

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out of the strengthening business words Miss Wheeler Manor Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi go to help you options on Nam hamdulillah Edie your own subdomain. I’d like brothers to prepare Malik and you will Morocco but to check out

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hamdulillah always and we will begin by praising and you may thanking Allah, Allah in order to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, we testify and stay experience ones unworthy regarding worship and Allah subhanaw taala. So we post all of our enjoying greetings salutations, wherever it , so you’re able to spice up your family to help you his friends and all sorts of people just who pursue his sunnah up until the end of time. Allah bless me to live the life span out-of nearly Mohamed Salah Lemonis lives in order to enter his company on the time. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, i carry on with youthfulness week. So a week ago began issue in regards to new young people. So we expected the young people and you will decide if you will be a young individual

so you can current email address, any kind of subject areas you want talked about an excellent Joomla. And really, they’re going to put the fresh new agenda. And something of information with I been overloaded with, and You will find not everyone have even went along to me personally within the last couple weeks, is the problem of homosexuality, new LGBTQI direction, transgender path. And therefore this might be a problem we need to mention. And it’s a very painful and sensitive, delicate point. And thus i inquire Allah getting advice and sunday it’s done to not ever offend and you will harm someone, and never so you’re able to discriminate up against somebody, but to go over since the Muslims, how do we know it? How do we exist from inside the a world where we have nearest and dearest and you will residents who does has an alternative persuasion than just you Exactly what is

Islam its position, and then we need to discuss which. If you’re not this is not discussed on masjid. We are i going to get our information of and thus inshallah we’re going to query Allah for information and you can direction, it needs a 14 days otherwise about three to go from particular material. And it is one among these problems that was at brand new vanguard out of everything we understand what we are against having currently. Ahead of I get to your details of of intercourse and you can sex, sexual orientation and you may intercourse, what it means to getting men just what it ways to end up being a woman, I asked myself, Why is this topic so very hard to go over? Basically provided a good publication to the adultery, cheat in your spouse, zero drama as much as they, actually I am able to say it’s crappy

and it is wrong so we must not do it. And also you see, truth be told there would not be any issues. When we give a subject into hammer try haram, we ought not to drink hammer medicines are crappy opinion. But certain subjects after you speak about they, the new hijab, like, it becomes debatable.

The fresh new role one to a female along with her husband performs it becomes debatable. Not one person features a challenge. You individuals believe it is haram, all of those other industry say it’s okay. However have your designs, we have our activities, and we move ahead. But this problem is a conflict out of a couple of additional modalities, several additional integrity. And so because Muslims, we are discovered, and then we is instructed a particular set of viewpoints, a couple of do’s and you can don’ts in our household. And in case we wade external this another type of sort of put out-of Ethics and you can Codes has been preached an alternative group of